Thigh Waders from

Thigh Waders from


Thigh waders are better for certain types of fishing than the full chest or waist waders.

Thigh waders have the advantage over chest or waist waders because they are a lot lighter and more versatile. The best thigh wader made has got to be the L C Waders
Pro Cast range because the polyurethane boots they use keep your feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer, this is a tremendous breakthrough. Thigh waders are also
a lot cheaper than chest or waist waders. They can be rolled down out of the way of barbed wire and the like and are consequently less likely to get punctured.

When buying thigh waders you need to look for a good well-made boot with a soft supple upper made from top quality materials. They should be welded on the outside of the leg to stop chaffing. The boot should have a good deep-cleated sole for extra grip, alternatively you can add studs to increase your grip on slippery rocks, the downside to having studs is it is hard to stand on paving stones.

Some manufactures use felt soles on their thigh waders, which grip well on weedy
rocks and stones, but when you come out of the river or lake watch out for wet grass!
It's almost impossible to stand up on wet grass with felt soles - they should be banned.
During the long hot days of summer when you have a bit if a walk to your fishing peg the last thing you want is to wear a pair of chest waders while walking. By the time you get to your peg you will be sweating buckets. Carrying your waders is still hard work, the ideal compromise is to wear thigh waders and fold down the tops.

The walk to your peg becomes no problem and when you get there simply pull them up, tackle up and wade out!!

An accessory you must have with thigh waders is a wading stick. Because of
the often uneven nature of a riverbed you need something to test the depth before you take a step as it is all too easy to step into a hole and flood your waders or completely fall in and endanger your life, especially on fast flowing rivers. Even when wading out in lakes and ponds it is advisable to use a wading stick. Water distorts your visual depth perception making it very hard to judge how deep water is by looking at it.

When you buy your thigh waders buy a wading stick as well and be safe not sorry.


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