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Hip Waders from Fishingwaders.co.uk


Hip waders ­ Of the many different types of waders, hip waders are one of the most commonly requested. Longer than thigh waders and shorter than chest waders, hip waders are ideal for small boat anglers when launching their boats.

The easiest way to launch a boat is to reverse the boat and trailer down the slip way until the back of the boat is in the water and the trailer wheels are just touching the tides edge. Stop the car and put on your hip waders, then undo the straps holding the boat in place. Wade into the sea at the back of the boat and float the boat off the trailer. Someone has to stay and hold the boat whilst the others park the car and trailer and the parking maybe some distance away.

It is at this point, especially in winter, that you are thankful you are wearing neoprene hip waders, which keep you warm as well as dry. When your friends
return after safely parking the car and trailer, it is then your job to go to the seaward side of the boat and hold the boat in place for them to board her. When everyone is aboard, go back to the shallow side, climb in and push her out far enough to allow you to drop the propeller and start the motor. If you have done the launch correctly your hip waders should have kept you completely dry ensuring a comfortable days fishing.

On your return to the slipway you now have to retrieve your boat and load her back onto the trailer, this can be a bit tricky on an out going tide. The first step is to get the boat into shallow water and then lift the propeller. Check the water is not to deep for your waders and step out of the boat on the seaward side. Hold the boat steady whilst everyone gets out, at the same time making sure the boat doesn't get grounded on the out going tide.

Hold the boat until the car and trailer arrive. Line up the trailer with the bow of the boat, attach the winch to the cleat on the bow and slowly winch the boat onto the trailer. Since most trailers now have self-centring rollers so your boat goes on perfectly every time, this is a much easier exercise than it used to be. Pull the trailer up the beach and strap up the boat paying particular attention to the outboard motor, if the motor is not strapped properly you can easily damage it in transit.

If conditions are extremely cold I would recommend neoprene gloves as well as neoprene hip waders to keep you warm and dry.


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