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Fly Fishing Waders from


Fly fishing waders - As a boy growing up you dream about fishing next to your Dad in the middle of a famous river or chalk stream wearing proper fly fishing waders. You dream for years, whilst waiting for your feet to grow to a size 5 so you can have your first pair of real fly fishing waders, then the magic day arrives and off you go with your Dad.

It is a day to be remembered forever, getting to the river, getting tackle out of the car, putting on those wonderful, grown up, fly fishing waders and setting up my rod.

With everything set up we waded out carefully. My fly fishing waders, so long dreamed of, felt new and a bit strange. I followed Dad into the middle of the stream, watching carefully for mayfly hatching or trout rising. Slowly we moved up stream and as the first mayflies began to hatch, we cast our flies over the hatch taking care not to disturb any trout underneath. As our flies slowly ran down stream a trout took my fly off the surface. I struck hard, my rod bent double and my reel screamed as a big brown trout ran down stream, I had to follow trying to be careful that the fish got no slack line, whilst looking out for boulders that could trip me or rip my waders. After about 50 yards I came to a bend in the river and the fish turned and ran up stream and I knew then, with the rivers' help, I would catch that massive trout. Still I had not seen the fish. Slowly I was gaining line as the fish was getting weaker and suddenly about ten yards away the trout jumped out of the water shaking its head and glistening in the sunshine. My Dad couldn't believe how big it was. He coached me, telling me to be careful and not to bully it too much. Slowly I gained line until we landed it, my first brown trout on my first day fishing and what's more it's two pounds bigger than any brown trout my Dad has ever had. A day I shall remember all my life.

Nowadays equipment just gets better and the modern fly fishing waders are usually chest high with felt soles for safety on weedy slimy rocks, or alternatively with cleated soles which long experience tells me are the best all round performers. You can have studded soles for extra grip but on flat hard surfaces it is hard to stand up with studs in. Modern fly fishing waders are made of lots of different materials the most common being P.V.C.

Although today I have modern more sophisticated equipment and my fly fishing waders are breathable Gortex I still remember that day, that fish and my size 5 feet in my brand new fly fishing waders.


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