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Fishing Waders from


Neoprene waders are ideal to keep warm in cold weather and dry in extreme conditions. They are made of rubber that is run through a machine on a set of rollers and heated so the rubber expands making thousands of tiny air bubbles in it. Cloth backing is added and it is rolled off in 15 metre rolls. That is where we start.

To make a pair of neoprene waders we first cut the neoprene with a sharp knife around a
Template, taking great care to cut it straight. First we cut a left side and then a right side so we have the two sides of the waders. Next we need to glue the edges on the inside of the waders with a two part glue that has to be weighed out in exact proportions and then mixed using a mixer. When the edges are glued together we wait until it the glue becomes tacky and then carefully butt the edges together. The result, a pair of neoprene waders without boots or dressing, in order to dress the waders we then over lock all the seems that have been glued

Next comes the cutting and over locking for a chest pocket and the kneepads. All the seams need to be taped on the reverse side to the over locking and then all the seams need to be taped and heat-sealed into place.

That leaves you with a completed pair of neoprene waders still without boots.

Before attaching boots to the completed waders it is important to decide the quality of boots required. Boots for waders can be made from cheap P.V.C., which is usually used on imported waders, or expensive polyurethane, which has similar thermal properties to the neoprene.

It's a personal choice but the polyurethane gets our vote, L C Waders believes in using only the best materials. The polyurethane has to be prepared so the boots are first cleaned with solvent then rubbed with rough sandpaper to clean them thoroughly. The boots are now ready for attachment to the waders. For this single part glue is used as there is a larger surface area to make watertight. The boots and the neoprene waders are both coated with glue. Wait for this to dry and apply a second coat of glue. Great care must now be taken to make sure the neoprene is straight when attached and then that all the air bubbles are pressed out. This requires a lot of pressure. To hide the join an elastic band is applied which is glued with heat reactive glue. A band is then glued around the neoprene waders. When this is dry the two-glued surfaces are put together, lined up perfectly and heated with a hot air gun. The result? A pair of the best neoprene waders ever made and the only neoprene waders made in England. Because the boots are polyurethane which has thermal properties, they are not only a pair of the best they are also the warmest waders you will find, what more could you want?


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