Chest Waders from

Chest Waders from


Chest waders are by far the most popular fishing waders because chest waders are the most versatile in terms of where you fish, for instance, to get to a very shallow stream you sometimes have to walk through head high wet undergrowth, but in chest waders you remain completely dry.

Whether you are fishing a match on a lake or sitting on your basket your chest waders will keep you dry when it rains. When you are making up ground bait they keep your clothes clean, and all you have to do to clean them is walk into the lake. Chest waders are vital for many branches of angling, putting you in touch with fish that were perversely inaccessible.

A key area for chest waders is sea fishing. Sea fishing involves very messy bait, which as well as being smelly can fly off the hook when casting so it pays to cover up as much as possible when you are preparing bait or gutting your catch and even filleting is a smelly process, chest waders protect you from all this smelly slop, you then just walk into the sea for a couple of minutes and all the smell and gunk washes away and your waders are as good as new.

As well as keeping you clean chest waders keep you dry and safe in the water.
Quick release buckles are an important safety feature just in case you fall in. By pressing the buckles you release the shoulder straps, which enables you to safely leave the water. As well as the quick release buckles chest waders have a drawstring to pull tight around the chest, this stops what is called "the bucket effect". If you fall in off a boat with the drawstring open, on entering the water the top of the chest waders would open like a giant wind sock taking you quickly away with the tide, so if you sustained an injury that
prevented you operating the quick release buckles the results could be fatal if you had not tightened the drawstring. Chest waders are made to fit properly ensuring a comfortable fit, which allows room for bending, stretching and walking without splitting or leaking. If wading out a long way, only a good pair of chest waders can take the water pressure repeatedly without leaking and in our opinion we use the best materials available to make the best chest waders available.


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